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      Taima Mancera, Iván [1]
      Talavera Sosa, José Antonio [9]
      Tamayo Montoya, Martha Cecilia [1]
      Taño Dorta, Alba [1]
      Tapia Adrián, Fátima del Cristo [1]
      Tejedor Aragón, David [1]
      Terraza Rebollo, Ana [1]
      This Final Master's Project (TFM) aims to provide evidence to improve attention to diversity in a group of 30 students (17 boys and 13 girls), who present great socio-cultural diversity, in the field of Physical Education. Our main objective is social inclusion in the face of the evident multiculturalism in the classrooms of most centers in the south of Tenerife, but without leaving behind attention to diversity due to disability, which is also an evident reality in most of the centers. For this reason, we have a student with a motor disability, and we provide methodological strategies for their inclusion in Physical Education sessions, regardless of their abilities and starting sociocultural conditions. To know the impact of the experience, we will use quantitative data collection instruments (ad hoc opinion questionnaire on inclusion) and qualitative data (opinion groups and group interviews with the families and teachers participating in the project). The results point out that a reflection on proposals that favor interculturality and participation in teaching tasks can improve both social inclusion and learning for all students, without exceptions [1]
      Tine Tine, Ibrahima [1]
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