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      Darias Herrera, Zaida [1]
      Darias Martín, Laura Estefanía [1]
      Daryanani Hassani, Shivani [1]
      De La Rosa Romero, Maria Cristina [1]
      De Zárate Pérez Trujillo, Cristina [1]
      Deafness consists of hearing loss. Cochlear implants are devices used for the auditory rehabilitation of people with profound hearing loss. The development of literacy in prelocutive children who have been implanted is a slow process that requires the activation of the phonological pathway to observe adequate progress. A speech therapy intervention program that metes the individual needs of a patient after implantation is exposed. The main objective is to work on Reading comprehension and syntactic structuring in writing, in addition to encouraging vocabulary as well as the use of pronuons and function words, and introducing the interrogative particle. The program has been designed to be carried out with the help of other professionals and the family environment, various activities have been created in order to develop literacy. In this way, it is expected to favor the achievement of the objectives with the intervention and generalization of the contents that are to be taught. [1]
      Del Pino Rodriguez, Eneida [1]
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